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A Games Club for PoppinJam Subs

Channel Category #ggs

Recommend Games
& Get Points

Each month recommend a game with points for players to earn.

Community Rewards

Play recommended games to get points, redeem for community rewards.

  • Each month, recommend up to two games for the community to play. Assign between 2 and 4 points for players to earn by reaching checkpoints. e.g.


       Fire Emblem Awakening 

       Available for the 3DS via modding, £38.99 physical or emulation.


​       ☐ Meet Lucina.

       ☐ Reach the Time Skip.

       ☐ Finish the Game

  • Participants - Pick one of the recommended games each month. Play as much or as little as you like, and don't worry - there will be cheap / free options too!

  • Why not take a picture to show-off your accomplishments. Pictures can then be shared and collected into graphics showing our journeys.

  • Themed Months! Each month will have a different theme, similar to a Game Jam.

  • Write and read reviews from the community based on your experience.

  • Community rewards such as stream events, emotes, voice clips and more will be available for the community to unlock with earned points.​

Good Luck & Have Fun with Good Games

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